Space Plasma Theory Group

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Executive Summary

The Space Plasma Theory Group was established in 2003 at the Space Science Center in the Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans, and Space at UNH. This group represents a consolidation of three distinct groups: the Solar-Terrestrial Theory Group founded in 1980, the Global Modeling Group founded in 2003 and the Space Plasma Theory Group established in 2003 with the support of the Paul Chair Endowment. The research activities of the consolidated group encompass a broad range of subfields including theoretical plasma physics, solar and heliospheric physics, magnetospheric physics, and plasma astrophysics. The Group also supports graduate students who participate in the above research activities as the basis of their doctoral or master's theses.

The Group supports a wide range of collaborations with other scientists in the Space Science Center as well as scientists at other institutions, including several Universities, national laboratories, and international centers of research. Some members of the group are affiliated with the Center for Magnetic Self-Organization, which is a NSF Physics Frontier Center. Members of the group are also involved in experiments on AMPTE, ACE, Yohkoh, Solar-B, SOHO, WIND, and future missions including THEMIS, IBEX, and MMS.


Information on group meetings being held at UNH: