International Cambridge Workshop on Magnetic Reconnection 2011

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The 8th International Cambridge Workshop on Magnetic Reconnection 2011

The 8th International Cambridge Workshop on Magnetic Reconnection will be held from Monday 15th August – Friday 19th August 2010.

This year's workshop is organized by the UNH Space Plasma Theory Group. It will be held in Holloway Commons at The University of New Hampshire.

As has been the tradition in the past, this is an invitation only workshop. If you have not received an invitation, but feel that you have a strong case to make for joining the group, you may contact the organizing committee by emailing

Collected on these pages you will find some basic information about the workshop. If you require help with a visa application or have any further questions please email the organizers directly at


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Three-Dimensional Magnetic Reconnection

C. Parnell: Aspects of separator reconnection

D. Pontin: Current sheet formation and reconnection at three-dimensional null points

A. Haynes: Magnetic skeletons of the Earth’s magnetosphere with 45 degree northward IMF

D. Longcope: How can localized fast reconnection release and thermalize magnetic energy stored over large volumes?

K. Galsgaard: Current Sheet Formation and Reconnection at 3D Null Points

H. Karimabadi: Kinetic scaling study of the coalescence of flux ropes: Surprising differences with fluid results

S. Antiochos: Current sheet formation and magnetic reconnection in flares and CMEs

M. Yamada: New results from MRX directly relevant to reconnection phenomena in space

W. Fox: Fast magnetic reconnection in high-energy-density laser-produced plasma bubbles

H. Che: Anomalous momentum transport and fast magnetic reconnection

Structure and Instabilities of Current Sheets

J. Egedal: The structure of the reconnection region and electron acceleration

S. Zenitani: The electron-frame dissipation measure in collisionless magnetic reconnection

E. Zweibel: Reconnection in partially ionized media

A. Bhattacharjee: Onset of fast reconnection mediated by the plasmoid instability

N. Murphy: Asymmetric magnetic reconnection in coronal mass ejection current sheets

V. Roytershteyn: Influence of lower-hybrid instabilities on reconnection in asymmetric antiparallel configuration

L.-J. Chen: Structure and dynamics of electron current sheets and plasmoids during reconnection with weak to zero guide fields

S. Baalrud: Plasmoid dominated reconnection: Beyond resistive MHD

C. Parnell: Formation and dissipation of 2D MHS current sheets

Turbulent Reconnection

G. Eyink: Spontaneous stochasticity, flux-freezing, and fast turbulent reconnection

M. Barta: Spontaneous turbulence onset in a large-scale solar flare reconnection

C.-S. Ng: Turbulent magnetic reconnection in high-Lundquist number two - dimensional resistive MHD simulations and Reduced MHD Simulations of the Heating of the Solar Corona - New Physics in theHigh-Lundquist Number Regime

M. Barta: Merging of plasmoids and fragmentation during solar flare reconnection and their x-ray and radio signatures

Reconnection in Line-Tied Systems

J. Dorelli: Global and local properties of asymmetric reconnection at Earth's dayside magnetopause

P. Wu: The effect of inflow density on magnetic reconnection

J. Birn: Reconnection in the magnetotail

Y.-M. Huang: MHD instability and current sheet formation in line-tied systems

K. Trattner: Evaluating continuous and pulsed reconnection from CUSP observations

N. Bessho: Two-dimensional particle-in-cell simulation of collisionless tearing instability in Earth’s magnetotail


A $290 registration fee will cover morning and afternoon tea and coffee service, excursion to the Isle of Shoals, and lobster dinner buffet banquet.

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A block of rooms have been reserved at:

Holiday Inn Express
Durham, NH
$114.95/night + tax
• Book by 07/19/11

Please refer to UNH International Cambridge Workshop. when booking hotel reservations.

The Holiday Inn Express Durham/UNH offers daily complimentary Smart Start hot breakfast buffet for their guests.


Isle of Shoals Cruise
Wednesday, August 17th
1:30PM - 4:30PM

Cost is included in the registration fee. Guests are welcome to attend for an additional $30.

Charter with Portsmouth Harbor Cruises aboard the M/V Heritage. Leave Portsmouth Harbor and discover the nine legendary islands located six miles off the coast. Settled by Captain John Smith, the Isles of Shoals have had a diverse history as a mecca for fishing in colonial times, a hideout for notorious pirates, and a resort for intellectuals all contributing to its role in the lore and legends of the Seacoast.

With a full galley, the Heritage offers a selection of light sandwiches, homemade chowder, chips and candy, cold sodas, juices and coffee as well as a full bar including beer, wine and popular brand liquors. Bring a bag lunch if you choose.

64 Ceres St. (Next to the tugboats)
Portsmouth, NH

From I-95, take exit 7.
Turn (right if northbound, left if southbound) toward downtown Portsmouth onto Market Street Extension. Just past the Sheraton Hotel on your right, you will see a small alley on your left marked "Private Way" and the "Olde Harbour District". This is Ceres Street. Parking is available one block up on the right at the municipal garage on Hanover Street for 75 cents per hour.


Wentworth by the Sea Country Club
Rye, NH
Lobster Dinner Buffet Banquet
Wednesday, August 17th

Cost is included in the registration fee. Guests are welcome to attend for an additional $80.

Lobster Dinner Buffet

• New England Clam Chowder or Seafood Chowder
• Steamed Mussels with Shallots, Garlic, Tomato, White Wine and Herbs
• 1 ¼ lb. Boiled Maine Lobster with Drawn Butter and Lemon
• Grilled Chicken Legs, Breasts and Thighs with Onions and Peppers
• Steamed New Potatoes with Sweet Butter and Parsley
• Native Corn on the Cob
• Seasonal Garden Salad with Assorted Dressings
• Red and Green Cabbage Slaw
• Strawberry Shortcake
• Sweet Cream Biscuit with Fresh Strawberries in Sweet Strawberry Puree
• Rolls and Butter
• Coffee and Tea
• Cash bar

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